2022-2023 4-H Travel Experience Funding Policy Updated

4-H Resume Process & 4-H Travel Experience Funding Policy Effective 2022

UPDATED AGAIN 12-15-2022

Resume & Interview Process

  1. The resume and cover letter are authentic way of summarizing the 4-H projects and activities that a 4‑H member participated in over a period of years. A 4-H Resume packet should be completed by 4‑H members grade 6 and over.
  1. Not necessarily all members who apply for a travel experience with a resume packet will be awarded an interview or funding from the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association. Resumes are subject to standards of completion. A Resume should represent a 4-H member’s best work.
  1. Interviews will be scheduled for multiple dates throughout the 4-H year, likely before 4-H Leaders Association meetings. Interviews may be in person or via video conference.
  1. Resume applicants who cannot attend a scheduled resume interview date and time must notify the 4-H Youth Development Educator and receive an approved excuse. With an approved excuse, the member is responsible for arranging for the interview to be conducted with the 4-H Youth Development Educator or designee via Zoom at an agreed upon date.

4-H Travel Experience Funding Eligibility

The Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association will offer one quarter of a 4-H member’s fee and/or expenses for at least one county, state, or national travel experience per year. International travel experience funding will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify for financial assistance from the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association, members must:

  1. Develop and return a 4-H resume and cover letter as outlined the resume guidelines packet. References and adult recommendations are not needed at this time.
  2. Participate in a 4-H resume interview.
  3. Successfully complete the requirements for any previous travel experiences.

4-H Travel Experience Funding Requirements 

After accepting funding assistance for a 4-H travel experience opportunity, 4-H members are required to complete all three requirements within the same 4-H year of travel. If a member cannot complete a requirement, they must establish an alternative with the 4-H Youth Development Educator or designee prior to its required due date. Travel experience funding recipients who do not complete these requirements will be ineligible for future travel experience funding and will be held responsible for reimbursement of funds contributed by the 4-H Leaders’ Association towards their travel experience. The Travel experience requirements include:

  1. Complete and submit a 4-H Record by the deadline in September
  2. Work a priority shift in the 4-H Leaders Food Stand at the Buffalo County Fair
  3. Present about your travel experience at a 4-H Club meeting or another 4-H county event
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