4-H Cloverbud Day Camp is an intro to environmental education

Plant potting, sand art, scavenger hunt, smelling jars, and coffee filter flowers are just a few of the environmental education activities that Buffalo and Pepin County 4-H younger members were engaged in during the 2022 4-H Cloverbud Day Camp at the Tourist Park Pavilion in Mondovi on July 25. In each session youth interacted with different 4-H projects like horticulture, cultural arts, and STEM to integrate art and science into potential life situations. Youth practiced critical thinking skills and explored the design process through inquiry lessons designed just for 4-H Cloverbuds.  Also, youth had many opportunities find out what different abilities they may posses, especially when trying to guess what something is just by the smell. 4-H Cloverbud Day Camp is an outdoors hands-on educational exploration program conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension Buffalo County in partnership with Buffalo County 4-H. The introductory day camp was coordinated by Morgan Guenther, Buffalo County 4-H Youth Development Summer Intern.

The 4-H Cloverbuds all picked their own pots, added soil and finally planted a seed for them to take home to explore horticulture.

Our 4-H campers became one big superhero family by the end of the day!

One of the Cloverbuds is extremely happy to be doing a sand art piece with a star container.

A couple of youth use their noses to try and figure out what is inside the container just by their sense of smell.

A 4-H Cloverbud with her potted plant and coffee filter flowers she made.

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