2020 4-H Pink Party!

For many years, Buffalo County 4-H sponsored the Pink Party following the 4-H Awards Program at the Buffalo County Fair. The Pink Party was to recognize all the 4-H members who received a pink ribbon (fourth place) on a 4-H exhibit. It was an opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work youth put into their 4-H projects throughout the year and to applaud effort and learning all in once place. The Pink Party had all the fixings for a great pink celebration including cake with pink frosting, strawberry ice cream and wafers and pink lemonade.

Well, in 2020 we’re bringing back the Pink Party! 

B-BC 4-H

Savannah Foust, Grade 8, BBC     4-H, Natural Sciences 4-H Project Savannah is an experienced exhibitor in the Natural Sciences project area. This year, Savannah made this for her Wildflower project area which focuses on pressing, identifying, and preserving flowers.

Philip Krzyszton, Grade 11, BBC 4-H, Woodworking 4-H Project
Philip’s bench was sanded, stained and poly coated to add to a newly updated lounge space at our house. He tested the stains to choose the best look and decided two coats of poly would be best. Philip created many projects in these past months, but the bench has been a highlight when visitors come. His matching made from scratch wooden, battery powered speaker adds extra enjoyment to outdoor seating.

Bear Creek 4-H

Amber Kleinschmidt, Grade 12, Bear Creek 4-H, Home Environment 4-H Project
Amber is an experienced quilter, crafter, and sewer. She created a t-shirt quilt as a piece of memorabilia of her time at Mondovi High School.

Allyson Mercer, Grade 2, Bear Creek 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Allyson created a 16×20 painting she calls “Rainbow Kitty-Cat” using multiple colors of acrylic paint. It took a long time because she learned that she had to let paint dry in between colors. Allyson finished it off with Glow in the dark paint and Glitter. She could hardly wait to hang it in her room.

Jesse Mercer, Grade 11, Bear Creek 4-H, Cultural Arts 4-H Project
Jesse created this metal sculpture of a triceratops out of scrap metal. It measures 3.5 feet high, 3.5 feet wide and 10.5 feet long. It involved lots of welding and bending of metal. Jesse learned how to use a welder that takes flux core wire and how it is different than arc welding and mig welding. This was a challenging but fun project and he is proud of how it turned out.

Chloe Oesau, Grade 6, Bear Creek 4-H, Cultural Arts 4-H Project
Chloe made a free-hand drawing this past 4-H year. She learned that patience and planning ahead helped get the desired results.

Chloe Kleinschmidt, Grade 10, Bear Creek 4-H, Home Environment 4-H Project
Chloe is a very avid participant in the Home Environment 4-H Project annually. This past 4-H year she created this cool colored based candle.

Clover 4-H

Madalyn Wick, Grade 7, Clover 4-H, Home Environment 4-H Project
Madalyn created three of these wall hangings for teachers in her family. She developed her skills of using a hot glue gun to create a sturdy decoration for a classroom. Madalyn also learned a valuable lesson of how warm temperatures in a vehicle can lead to a melted disaster!

Hunter Wik, Clover 4-H, Grade 6, Flowers & Houseplants 4-H Project
Hunter planted green plants to exhibit at the Buffalo County Fair. As you can see, his foliage is growing really well outdoors this season!

Hazel Wik, Clover 4-H, Grade 3, Clothing 4-H Project
For the first year as a 4-H junior member, Hazel sewed her pajama pants to model and exhibit for the 4-H Clothing Revue. Hazel enjoys sewing with her grandma, Kathy Noll.

Hannah Noll, Clover 4-H, Grade 10, Home Environment 4-H Project
Hannah made a gnome for her grandma. She painted the wood, stenciled the words on and glued the beard and nose on. She made the hat from a sweater sleeve. It sits on her grandma’s book shelf!

Abby Ruff, Grade 1, Clover 4-H, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Abby Ruff tie dyed a t-shirt! Abby learned that being creative with colors can be fun and create an amazing final product. Abby is very happy with how her shirt turned out and is looking forward to wearing it soon!

Rihanna Torrez, Grade7, Clover    4-H, Foods & Nutrition 4-H Project
Rihanna baked homemade chocolate chip cookies. She said they were both the perfect amount of crunchy and chewy. Rihanna learned how important cookie spacing on the pan is, along with proper measurements. It was fun for her and her family to test each batch!

Emily Walker, Grade 9, Clover 4-H, Arts 4-H Project
Emily hand painted and designed this sign with the Baldwin EMS logo for her cousin, Tyler. She is very proud of his commitment to emergency management services and wanted to show him with this acrylic painting!

Nicole Walker, Grade 6, Clover 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
Nicole chose to be a part of the 4-H swine project in 2020 because she had so much fun learning about the species and meat animal quality last year! She knows how smart pigs are and really enjoys caring for hers every day!

Chloe Reed, Grade 7, Clover 4-H, Woodworking 4-H Project
 The base of Chloe’s project is made of Northern Cherry wood.  The base and letters were cut out using a Scroll saw. The letters are American Black Walnut and then glued to the base forming the word ‘mom’. On the base is a rose that was woodburned into the wood.  Both woods went through a planer before being cut. Once the rose was burned onto the project and the letters glued on, it was given three coats of varnish and was complete.

Axel Noll, Grade 10, Clover 4-H, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project
This year has been a good year for our hay crop. Axel has learned to run the Haybine this year and haul loads. Right now we are doing 3rd crop of hay.

Lincoln Noll, Grade 2, Clover 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Lincoln loves to work with his legos and made a helicopter. It takes time to read directions and finish his work.

Magnus Noll, First Grade, Clover 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
This year Magnus enjoys building with Legos. He made a motorcycle so he needed to put on wheels which was a lot of work to finish.


Finley Noll, Grade 7, Clover 4-H, Clothing 4-H Project
Finley picked out camping flannel fabric to make pajama pants. They have an elastic waist and she finished the seams. Her Grandmother helps her sew. She hopes to make many more things next year. Last year she attended the State Fair Dress Revue and hopes to do that again.

Nessa Noll, Grade 5, Clover 4-H, Home Environment 4-H Project
Nessa loves basketball so wanted to make a tie blanket. She choose blue for the back as it is her school color. It took a lot of time to cut and tie the knots. She will put it on her bed.

Trevor Wick, Grade 4, Clover 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
Trevor is in his second year of the swine 4-H project. He enjoys spending time with his sister, Madalyn, while feeding the pigs each day.

Cheerful Workers 4-H

Addison Johnson, Grade 7, Cheerful Workers  4-H, Swine 4-H Project
This is Addison’s 4th year raising a pig for here project. Pigs are a great animal to raise and she enjoy walking them around the yard. Addison also learned how to direct market her pig this year.

Alyssa Johnson, Grade 5, Cheerful Worker 4-H, Swine 4-H Project 
Alyssa raised a pig this year for her project. She learned it is a lot of work to make sure to feed the pig, clean the pens and walk the pig for exercise. Alyssa especially likes this picture because it shows how pretty her pig is and how well she walks.

Rylee Rosenberg, Grade 10, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Clothing 4-H Project
Rylee made 5 dozen medical masks for family and friends using a couple of different patterns and various prints of material. She has orders for a couple more dozen.

Kyan Rosenberg, Grade 7, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Mechanical Science 4-H Project
Kyan made a remote control car from a kit. He learned to follow directions and put together the mechanism to make it active.

Bray Wilkerson, Grade 3, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Foods & Nutrition 4-H Project
Bray made chewy brownies from a mix. He learned to read and follow the directions. He also likes to enjoy them when they are done.

Clay Steele, Grade 3, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project
Clay grew a healthy sized pepper this summer from his family’s garden. He helped in producing this pepper by watering and weeding regularly.

Camden Steele, Kindergarten, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Gardening is a family affair at Camden’s home. Camden’s role is to help water frequently and to pick the produce. He learned when different vegetables are ready to eat!

Bailey Brommer, Grade 3, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Exotic Animals 4-H Project
Bailey has enjoyed her first year working with her pygmy goat. She has learned how to train, feed and water them. Bailey looks forward to working with her new kid, Tillie, this year.

Marley Brommer, Grade 5, Cheerful Workers   4-H, Exotic Animals 4-H Project
Marley has enjoyed working with her pygmy goats. She has learned responsibility by feeding, watering, and training them. She added a new kid, Skittles, to her herd of show goats this year.


Mareesa Rehberg, Grade 4, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Cultural Arts 4-H Project Mareesa made a painting about the song “You are my sunshine.” She learned how to blend colors with acrylic paints. She choose this painting because it shows that she loves her baby brother because it’s for him.

Glencoe Hustlers 4-H

Amy Losinski, Grade 11, Glencoe Hustlers 4-H, Meat Goat 4-H Project
Amy is shown with her favorite meat goat, Fudge. She works with her animals frequently to train them by walking them around the yard. Amy enjoys training her goats but she says it takes a lot of determination.

Catherine Pehler-Ziegeweid, Grade 11, Glencoe Hustlers 4-H, Poultry 4-H Project
Daniel Ziegeweid, Grade 2, Glencoe Hustlers 4-H, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Catherine and Daniel feed and water their chickens daily. They also clean out their coop. Silkies, a breed of poultry chickens, require a little more care to keep their feathers looking nice.

Emma Pronschinske, Grade 7, Glencoe Hustlers 4-H, Woodworking 4-H Project
Emma created a repurposed item this year. She spray painted the legs, took off the top plastic piece, and bolted an old crate onto the board. She learned that once you put your mind to things they aren’t that hard. Emma wants others to know that it was fun to see something that hadn’t been used for years come back to life.

Golden Hornets 4-H

Aidan, Lisowski, Grade 5, Golden Hornets 4-H, Fishing 4-H Project
Aidan has been ice fishing, catfishing from shore and fishing in the our boat on the Mississippi River. This is the biggest perch I’ve ever caught that was 3lbs and 13″ long!

Reed Wiersgalla, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 8, Exotics 4-H Project Meet Jersey, Reed’s first born kid! Reed learned that baby goats need lots of enrichment and so he built them a bench to play on as part of his 4-H Project this year.

Norah Lisowski, Grade 3, Golden Hornets 4-H, Arts 4-H Project
Norah learned more about the art of painting on silk with gutta and created her own scarf to show her skills!

Arden Hayter, Grade 3, Golden Hornets 4-H, STEM Exploring 4-H Project
Arden built a robotic hedgehog that does a few tricks when she claps. Arden used her engineering skills to build the motor assemble the body to make him cute. She learned a lot about gears and how several gears working together can create different movements. It was fun and a lot of work, but the best part was seeing him in action when the construction was finally done.


William Dittrich, Grade 2, Golden Hornets 4-H, Cloverbud 4-H Project
William looks forward to being a junior 4-H member next year enrolled in the Dairy project. This year William fed and watered his calf, cleaned its pen and learned how to clip his calf, too!

Donniejo Dittrich, Grade 10, Golden Hornets 4-H, Dairy 4-H Project
Donniejo is shown with her 7-year old Holstein cow, Felt. Donniejo and Felt have exhibited at the Buffalo County Fair for the past 5 years and have won Grand and Reserve Champion cow and Best Udder of the Dairy show. Donniejo learned how to handle and show such a big animal throughout all the years.

Eddie Dittrich, Grade 6, Golden Hornets 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
Eddie brought home his pig at the beginning of April and has been working with it since. He spent a lot of time with his swine during quarantine and now all his pigs are super friendly. Every time Eddie goes to check on his pig he comes right up to him and wants attention.


Cecelia Dittrich, Grade 7, Golden Hornets 4-H, Rabbit 4-H Project
These three baby bunnies were born on June 18. Cecelia has learned how different various of colors of fur the babies can inherit from their parents. The parents of these bunnies are brown and grey, and the babies are brown and one albino.

Korlen Dittrich, Grade 13, Golden Hornets 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
Korlen is looking forward to breeding his female hogs this year. As a senior 4-H member he also looking back and reflecting on what he has learned and taught younger 4-H members in the Swine project. He has shared what to look for when purchasing, health issues, and the perfect weight is for a champion pig.


Barbara Dittrich, Grade 12, Golden Hornets 4-H, Sheep 4-H Project
Barbara’s sheep 4-H project began eight years ago. She has been raising lambs ever since. She takes a lot of pride in being able to raise her own animals, however with it comes lots of challenges and learning. Her sheep project has taught her lots of valuable lessons and even influenced her career path.

Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H

Stephanie Abts, Grade 12, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Flowers 4-H Project
Stephanie has been a long time 4-H member enrolled in the Flowers project and her experience shows! Stephanie’s flowers bloomed beautifully this summer and is very proud to show of her hard work.

Avery Bambenek, Grade 5, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Horse 4-H Project
Avery is a third year Horse project member. She works with her horse year round to build a consistent relationship it to increase their skills and abilities.



Tucker Bambenek, Grade 6, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
Tucker is pictured with his hog, Kolbe. Due to the large quantity of hot summer days this year Tucker has learned how difficult it is to keep his pig and its environment clean.

Nathan Stoppelmoor, Grade 5, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Natural Sciences 4-H Project
Nathan has been working all year raising bees in the hopes of producing honey. He has learned best practices and the procedures that are required in being a bee keeper.

Macy Hunger, Grade 5, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands, Cat 4-H Project
Macy is in her third year of the Cat 4-H Project. She continues to work with her cat learning more about the nutrition cats require to be their best health.

Nolan Hunger, Grade 4, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project
As you can see from this photo, Nolan and his family are experienced gardeners. Nolan produces vegetables ranging from tomatoes, peppers, peas, and much more. This year Nolan learned about the different lengths of growing seasons depending on the vegetable.

Samantha Bork, Grade 7, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Poultry 4-H Project
This year Samantha raised some new breeds of poultry. She learned that not all poultry have the same basic skeletal structure, for example the Fawn and White Runner Ducks have more of a upright carriage vs your “normal” farmyard duck.  Of the animals pictured, one is a young female Fawn and White Runner Duck and the other is a young male Silver Laced Phoenix rooster. Raising these birds is extraordinarily fun to watch them grow and each one truly has their own personality.

Evie Bork, Grade 5, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Dog 4-H Project
This year Evie had to work with her dog, Sydney, solo without any available dog classes. She learned that she must work on training Sydney away from the other animals around the yard as Sydney like to get distracted and try to go play with/chase the rest of the animals, she quickly learned that this is something she will have to work on moving forward. This photo was chosen as even after a training session you can clearly see how happy both Evie and Sydney are proving that you can have fun while still learning together. Evie wants everyone to know that while training your dog can be hard work and take a lot of time, but in the end when you have a chance to show what you have accomplished and the bond you have with your dog makes it worth the time.

Lillian Bork, Kindergarten, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Lilly worked on planting a garden this year with her dad. She really enjoyed this project and learned the importance of watering and weeding a garden. She is also learning how to be able to tell when the produce is ready for harvest. She chose this photo as it show how proud and happy she is to show off her hard work to grow her cucumbers as they are quickly become one of her favorite snacks. Lilly wants everyone to know that gardening is fun ESPECIALLY when you are able to do it with your family!!

Bradlee Goetting, Grade 2, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Bradlee has enjoyed learning about fishing. He started a countdown back in February for the opening day of trout fishing. Bradlee has been learning that fishing is a combination of technique, patience and some good luck. This picture shows Bradlee with his lucky catch.

Ava Goetting, Grade 5, Hill & Hollow 4-H, Horse 4-H Project
Ava has been caring for her pony Midnight everyday for the past year and a half. Midnight needs to be given medicine every night to help control imbalances in her body that are affected by seasonal changes and what she eats. Ava has learned the importance of maintaining a routine for Midnight’s nutrition and hoof care. This picture was chosen because Ava likes to relax on Midnight once her chores are complete!

Kiptyn Pronschinske, Grade 1, Hill & Hollow Helping Hands 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Kiptyn planted Zinnias in his garden this spring. The orange ones were his favorite color that grew this year!

Hilltop Climbers 4-H

EmmaPearl Jardine, Grade 3, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project EmmaPearl is excited to make more of these melty bead creations! She created her own design and used a hot iron carefully to finish her art.

Hayden Jardine, Grade 1, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project Hayden learned from creating his tempera painting that you need patience between the layers of paint and that if you use too much paint the stars are too big!

James Jardine, Grade 4, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project James created this acrylic painting of the sunset, birds and mountains in three steps. He chose this artwork for the Pink Party because it was his favorite!

Julia Jardine, Grade 6, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project Julia is a skilled artist! She used acrylics to first paint the background and then paint the sunset.

Julia Moats, Grade 9, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Arts 4-H Project
Julia worked on her leathercraft project with 4-H volunteers Jeremy and Julie Pichler! She traced, tooled and carved the design herself. She also stained and added the protective coating. The key chain is one of her favorite 4-H exhibits!

Bella Bork, Grade 3, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
This was Bella’s first year in the 4-H Swine Project. Bella fed, watered and cleaned up after her pigs every day! Bella learned that pigs eat a lot. Bella wants everyone to know that is hard work to take care of a pig!

Logan Mayer, Grade K, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Logan Mayer made a GameBoy out of perler beads. He and his brother learned to do projects with these this year and really enjoy putting them together! Logan has enjoyed making several of these perler bead creations in his first year as an official Buffalo County 4-H member!

Luke Mayer, Grade 2, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Luke Mayer made a GameBoy out of melty beads. He saw the idea and thought it looked fun to make. He counted out all the beads and put it together himself. He did have help using the hot iron. Luke likes the challenge of putting these together and says that everyone should try them!

Colin Rud, Grade 4, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Sheep 4-H project
Colin has cared for his sheep for many months and enjoys raising his meat animal.

Josh Linse, Grade 10, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Woodworking 4-H Project 
Josh made this shelf in high school woodworking class and its in his bedroom to hang baseball hats on. The door drops down for a storage area.

Austin George, Grade 12, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Beef 4-H Project
Austin has been raising his registered Maintainer steer since last fall. They were lucky enough to attend a few shows together before Covid hit. Austin continued to work with his steer all spring and summer with the hopes there would be another chance to show him. He did participate in the virtual show put on by Countryside Cooperative.

Izzy Mohn, Grade 4, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Cat 4-H Project
This is a picture of Izzy and her cat June, age 1. She learned how to raise a cat from little on and care for him. She learned what and how much food to feed him. Izzy learned preventative measures to help him in the future.

Alex Mohn, Grade 6, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Cat 4-H Project
Pictured is Alex and his cat Kali, age 1. He learned how to introduce a new cat into the home and help her make a good transition. This past 4-H year, Alex also learned how to feed and care for cats.

Alison George, Grade 7, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Knitting & Crocheting 4-H Project
Alison crocheted this blanket for the fair. She has been learning how to crochet from her Grandma, Nancy Risler. This past winter, Alison learned how to crochet a hat as part of a kindness project during Lent. The hats were crocheted for the homeless.

Trent Roetter, Grade 4, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project
Trent helped plant this Dekalb DKC46-18 Field Corn on May 3, 2020. He learned about the different stages corn goes through during the growing season.

Alan George, Grade 9, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
The swine project is one of Alan’s favorite projects. He has been working with his pig in the yard and around the farm to get it trained because he feels that showmanship is one of the most important parts of the swine project. Last year his pig was light so this year he made changes to his feed program and that has really helped.

Jake Linse, Grade 8, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Woodworking 4-H Project
Jake has been an active member of the woodworking project for the past six years. Here is Jake with his cutting board he made at school this past year.

Kaylen Rud, Grade 7, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Horse 4-H Project
Kaylen is pictured with two of her horses, Spanky and Joe. She has been working on leading them and having them stand the correct way for showing.

Lima Lads & Lassies 4-H

Jodi Vetterkind, Grade 4, Lima Lads & Lassies 4-H, Poultry 4-H Project
This year Jodi took care of the baby chicks. She learned that they need a heat lamp and special feed. She needs to make sure they have fresh water (especially on hot days) and feed each day. They like to get fed grass and items from the garden.

Lookout Legends 4-H

Sadie Bauer, Kindergarten, Lookout Legends 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Sadie created her own house with magnatiles and gears. Sadie learned how putting the gears closer together helped them move easier than when they were farther apart! Sadie loves to build and create new structures!

Brook Kent, Grade 1, Lookout Legends 4-H, Cloverbuds 4-H Project
Brook made a toothbrush holder out of a pop bottle. She painted it and designed it herself.

Anna Kent, Grade 5, Lookout Legends 4-H, Mechanical Science 4-H Project
Anna is pictured with her lego swimming resort kit that she made this past 4-H year. She learned how to follow directions in order to make a final product.

Karissa O’Connell, Grade 12, Lookout Legends 4-H, Goats 4-H Project
Karissa is pictured with her market wether goat, Derek. She spends many hours with her herd of goats that is continually growing.

Lucky 16 4-H

Marli Meier, Grade 2, Lucky 16 4-H, Art 4-H Project
Marli made a mala necklace. She learned that stringing beads and tying knots is hard at first but gets easier. Marli can put oils on her necklace to make it smell good.

Olivia Taylor, Grade 9, Lucky 16 4-H, Swine 4-H Project
Olivia raised a Berkshire Hampshire cross barrow, named Waylon. Everyday Olivia would go out and take care of her pigs which included mixing feed, watering, cleaning the pen and other things. This year she learned how to properly log finances and learn how to do the business side of raising animals.

Kobin Bechel, Grade 6, Lucky 16   4-H, Mechanical Science 4-H Project
Kobin built a lego food truck with a delivery driver on a scooter. Putting together the little pieces for the kitchen area was the most challenging part of this set for Kobin.

Kylee Bork, Grade 3, Lucky 16 4-H, Cultural Arts 4-H Project
Kylee loves horses and also has a love of painting ceramics. The most difficult part was painting the small details such as the eyes.

Oliver Cooke, Grade 3, Lucky 16   4-H, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project
Oliver used his garden veggies to make this guy. Specifically, he used beet for his head, cherry tomatoes for his eye, cucumber for his mouth and green onion for his hair. Oliver learned how to best attach the vegetables together.

Hatti Cooke, Grade 5, Lucky 16 4-H, Horse 4-H Project
This is Hatti and “Jet”. He is her riding partner at lessons. Hatti has learned a lot from him and her retired friend “Memphis”. For example she has learned how to post, patterns, trotting, leads, different type of tack, how to put it on, and working together to have a fun ride.

Jaxon Cooke, Grade 7, Lucky 16 4-H, Electricity 4-H Project
This is Jaxon’s Tesla Coil that he built from a kit. A Tesla Coil is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, and high frequency alternating-current electricity. With this kit he learned to connect wires, solder, and about currents and circuits. When he was done he was able to turn on a light and connect it to a music device to listen to music.

Emma Sandberg, Grade 10, Lucky 16 4-H, Goats 4-H Project
Pictured with Emma is Willow, a 2-3 year old milker, and Ollie,  a young female breeding stock meat goat. Emma is in her seventh year of the Goats 4-H Project. Emma has continued learning about her goats’ diets to be an efficient livestock producer.


Quin Sandberg, Grade 5, Lucky 16 4-H, Poultry 4-H Project
Quin has a lot of experience raising a diversified flock of poultry. Pictured with Quin is Frizzy, a young female polish chicken, and Zippy,  a female homing pigeon.

Mill Creek 4-H

Paige Danzinger, Grade 10, Mill Creek 4-H, Photography 4-H Project
Paige has learned in the photography project this year how different times of the day affects the lighting of the photo. She also found out that angles also take part in the lighting and different effects of the photo.

Scarlett Pawlak, Grade 9, Mill Creek 4-H, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project 
This spring and summer Scarlett has been helping her mom and grandma with their first garden. She learned when different vegetables flower and produce vegetables, how to properly remove a vegetable from its stem or vine, and which ones need extra help like snap peas need a string line for their vines. She’s cutting up the green part of her onions for dried chives after we used the onion.

Mondovi Community Youth Center

Tyler Palad-Burkholder, Grade 4, Mondovi Community Youth Center, Woodworking 4-H Project
Tyler is working on a workbench in the garage for a place for me to work on all my favorite projects!

Arbor Miller, Grade 3, Mondovi Community Youth Center, Plant & Soil Sciences 4-H Project Arbor grew grass this year. She learned the process of growing grass and even have had to cut the grass.

Micah Miller, Grade 2, Mondovi Community Youth Center, Cloverbud 4-H Project 
Micah found rocks and painted them to make a rock snake. She learned that the paint needs to be applied more then once because it soaks in. Her favorite parts were finding the rocks and choosing the colors.

Aryah Miller, Kindergarten, Mondovi Community Youth Center, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Aryah made bracelets. She learned how to weave the rubber bands to make a bracelet and even added beads and charms.

Lilah Miller, Kindergarten, Mondovi Community Youth Center, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Lilah made Pom-Poms out of rubber bands. She learned how to keep the bands all together to complete the project multiple times. She had fun doing this because she was taught by her sisters.

4-H Afterschool Super Clovers

Nehemiah Herald, Grade 1, 4-H Afterschool, Cloverbud 4-H Project
Nehemiah utilized copper tape, a LED bulb, a popsicle stick, coin batter and binder clip to create his own working flashlight! Nehemiah enjoys engaging in STEAM activities and designing and testing new tools!

Ashlynn Kalmes, Grade 4,    4-H Afterschool, Dog 4-H Project
Ashlynn has been training her dog in obedience and agility since he was a puppy – Henry just turned 1 in April 2020. She loves caring for him, giving him walks and working with him to perform with her commands.


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