2020 4-H Pink Party!

For many years, Buffalo County 4-H sponsored the Pink Party following the 4-H Awards Program at the Buffalo County Fair. The Pink Party was to recognize all the 4-H members who received a pink ribbon (fourth place) on a 4-H exhibit. It was an opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work youth put into their 4-H projects throughout the year and to applaud effort and learning all in once place. The Pink Party had all the fixings for a great pink celebration including cake with pink frosting, strawberry ice cream and wafers and pink lemonade.

Well, in 2020 we’re bringing back the Pink Party! 

Clover 4-H

Madalyn Wick, Grade 7, Clover 4-H, Home Environment 4-H Project
Madalyn created three of these wall hangings for teachers in her family. She developed her skills of using a hot glue gun to create a sturdy decoration for a classroom. Madalyn also learned a valuable lesson of how warm temperatures in a vehicle can lead to a melted disaster!

Golden Hornets 4-H

Aidan, Lisowski, Grade 5, Golden Hornets 4-H, Fishing 4-H Project
Aidan has been ice fishing, catfishing from shore and fishing in the our boat on the Mississippi River. This is the biggest perch I’ve ever caught that was 3lbs and 13″ long!

Reed Wiersgalla, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 8, Exotics 4-H Project Meet Jersey, Reed’s first born kid! Reed learned that baby goats need lots of enrichment and so he built them a bench to play on as part of his 4-H Project this year.

Norah Lisowski, Grade 3, Golden Hornets 4-H, Arts 4-H Project
Norah learned more about the art of painting on silk and created her own scarf to show her skills!

Arden Hayter, Grade 3, Golden Hornets 4-H, STEM Exploring 4-H Project
Arden built a robotic hedgehog that does a few tricks when she claps. Arden used her engineering skills to build the motor assemble the body to make him cute. She learned a lot about gears and how several gears working together can create different movements. It was fun and a lot of work, but the best part was seeing him in action when the construction was finally done.


Hilltop Climbers 4-H

EmmaPearl Jardine, Grade 3, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project EmmaPearl is excited to make more of these melty bead creations! She created her own design and used a hot iron carefully to finish her art.

Hayden Jardine, Grade 1, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project Hayden learned from creating his tempera painting that you need patience between the layers of paint and that if you use too much paint the stars are too big!

James Jardine, Grade 4, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project James created this acrylic painting of the sunset, birds and mountains in three steps. He chose this artwork for the Pink Party because it was his favorite!

Julia Jardine, Grade 6, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Art 4-H Project Julia is a skilled artist! She used acrylics to first paint the background and then paint the sunset.

Julia Moats, Grade 9, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Arts 4-H Project
Julia worked on her leathercraft project with 4-H volunteers Jeremy and Julie Pichler! She traced, tooled and carved the design herself. She also stained and added the protective coating. The key chain is one of her favorite 4-H exhibits!


Lucky 16 4-H

Marli Meier, Grade 2, Lucky 16 4-H, Art 4-H Project
Marli made a mala necklace. She learned that stringing beads and tying knots is hard at first but gets easier. Marli can put oils on her necklace to make it smell good.

Mill Creek 4-H

Paige Danzinger, Grade 10, Mill Creek 4-H, Sheep 4-H Project
Paige has been working with her Dorset lambs so they are super friendly! She continues to care for her sheep for quality meat later this summer.

Paige Danzinger, Grade 10, Mill Creek 4-H, Photography 4-H Project
Paige has learned in the photography project this year how different times of the day affects the lighting of the photo. She also found out that angles also take part in the lighting and different effects of the photo.

Mondovi Community Youth Center

Tyler Palad-Burkholder, Grade 4, Mondovi Community Youth Center, Woodworking 4-H Project
Tyler is working on a workbench in the garage for a place for me to work on all my favorite projects!


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