2019 4-H Record Awards

 Congratulations to all 4-H Youth completing 4-H Records!

Club Last Name First Name Record Book Service Learning Youth Leadership Project Awards
Cheerful Workers Johnson Hailey Achievement Yes No
Cheerful Workers Myren Silas Achievement Yes No Dairy, Beef & Swine
Cheerful Workers Myren Spencer Achievement Yes No Dairy, Swine, Home Environment& Legos
Golden Hornets Dittrich Cecelia Achievement No No Dairy & Swine
Golden Hornets Dittrich Eddie Achievement No No Dairy & Swine
Lookout Legends Guenther Hunter Achievement No No Photography
Glencoe Hustlers Kidd Samantha Achievement No No Beef
Cheerful Workers Brommer Bailey Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Elsenpeter Elizabeth Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Heitman Matt Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Hurlburt Azalya Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Larson Hope Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Robelia Amber Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Robelia Jacob Cloverbud
Cheerful Workers Wilkerson Bray Cloverbud
Clover Noll Lincoln Cloverbud
Clover Wik Hazel Cloverbud
Glencoe Hustlers Kidd Landen Cloverbud
Golden Hornets Lisowski Norah Cloverbud
Lookout Legends Pronschinske Coltyn Cloverbud
Lookout Legends Pronschinske Maddox Cloverbud
Clover Wick Maddy Completion
Glencoe Hustlers Pehler- Ziegeweid Catherine Completion No No
Glencoe Hustlers Hurlburt Alanna NO AWARD No No
Glencoe Hustlers Hurlburt Catherine NO AWARD No No
Lucky 16 Sandberg Sofia Outstanding Yes Yes Swine
BBC Foust Savannah Outstanding Yes No Foods & Natural Science
Cheerful Workers Brommer Marley Outstanding No Yes Swine & Rabbits
Cheerful Workers Heitman Katie Outstanding Yes Yes Home Environment
Cheerful Workers Larson Grace Outstanding No No Home Environment & Sewing
Cheerful Workers Larson Patience Outstanding Yes No Clothing & Fishing
Cheerful Workers Myren Emma Outstanding Yes No Swine, Dairy, Home Environment & Knitting
Cheerful Workers Rosenberg Kyan Outstanding No No Mechanical Science
Cheerful Workers Rosenberg Rylee Outstanding No Yes Clothing
Clover Noll Finley Outstanding No No Clothing, Foods, Home Environment, Child Care, Rabbits, Sheep, Dairy, & Swine
Clover Noll Hannah Outstanding Yes No Clothing & Foods
Clover Noll Nessa Outstanding Yes No Dairy
Clover Wik Hunter Outstanding Yes No Rabbits & Foods
Glencoe Hustlers Losinski Amy Outstanding No Yes Goats
Glencoe Hustlers Pronschinske Trevor Outstanding Yes Yes Goats
Golden Hornets Lisowski Aidan Outstanding Yes Yes Swine, Foods, Art, Photography & Flowers
Golden Hornets Putz Brooke Outstanding No Yes Foods, Cultural Art & Home Environment
Hill & Hollow Hunger Macy Outstanding Yes Yes Vegetables, Dairy & Swine
Hill & Hollow Hunger Nolan Outstanding No Yes Swine & Dairy
Hilltop Climbers George Alan Outstanding Yes Yes Beef, Food Preservation, Swine & Woodworking
Hilltop Climbers George Alison Outstanding Yes Yes Beef, Clothing, Crocheting, Cultural Arts, Sheep & Swine
Hilltop Climbers George Austin Outstanding Yes Yes Beef, Crops, Photography & Woodworking
Hilltop Climbers Linse Jake Outstanding No Yes Vegetables
Hilltop Climbers Linse Josh Outstanding Yes Yes Foods & Photography
Hilltop Climbers Moats Julia Outstanding No Yes Foods & Beef
Hilltop Climbers Pichler Alivia Outstanding Yes No Cultural Arts & Photography
Hilltop Climbers Pichler Anna Outstanding Yes No Cultural Arts
Hilltop Climbers Pichler Benjamin Outstanding Yes No Cultural Arts & Photography
Hilltop Climbers Pichler Elsie Outstanding No No Photography
Hilltop Climbers Roetter Trent Outstanding No Yes Beef & Crops
Hilltop Climbers Rud Kaylen Outstanding Yes No Sheep, Clothing & Foods
Lookout Legends Guenther Morgan Outstanding Yes Yes Cultural Arts & Photography
Lookout Legends O’Connell Karissa Outstanding Yes Yes Goats
Lucky 16 Sandberg Emma Outstanding No No Horse & Goats
Glencoe Hustlers Berg Lindsey Outstanding No Yes Foods & Nutrition
Glencoe Hustlers Berg Samantha Outstanding No No Home Environment & Goats
Mill Creek Danzinger Alexis Outstanding No No Rabbits
Mill Creek Danzinger Alyssa Outstanding No No Sheep & Rabbits
Mill Creek Danzinger Paige Achievement No No Crops, Sheep & Houseplants
Montana Pioneers Back Alana Completion
Montana Pioneers Back Chase Completion
Montana Pioneers Back Kia Completion


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