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4-H is a program that focuses on providing our youth with opportunities to develop their leadership, citizenship and life skills. To make this happen, the 4-H program depends on local volunteers that are willing to invest themselves in the 4-H program.

The more volunteers we have, the more opportunities we can provide to our local youth.

  • Becoming a 4-H Volunteer does not commit you to specific responsibilities of leadership – unless that is your goal.
  • Being a 4-H Volunteer does mean you are willing to help in one or more of a wide variety of ways such as sharing a talent or skill, helping set up or clean up from activities, organizing and keeping records, providing transportation, chaperoning trips, etc.
  • You do not need to have children in the 4-H program to become a volunteer.
  • Each 4-H Volunteer participates in a one-time, two-hour Youth Protection Orientation program designed to aid adults in developing their knowledge about 4-H and its youth development programs.
  • All volunteers that complete this Youth Protection training are added to the County’s liability coverage free of charge.
  • The 4-H program is open to any youth and adults regardless of their background, race, creed, or disability.

Who are the members of the 4-H Leaders’ Association?

Membership in the Leaders’ Association is extended to two adult 4-H leaders and one youth leader (grade 9 & over) from each Buffalo County 4-H Club.

What is the purpose of the 4-H Leaders’ Association?

The purpose of the 4-H Leaders’ Association is to enhance and support Division of Extension 4-H Youth Development Programs at the local, county, and state level.

What are 4-H Leaders’ Association Meetings?

Leaders’ Association meetings are the place where policies about 4-H in Buffalo County are discussed and made. Current initiatives in the 4-H program, leader opportunities and member opportunities are discussed at meetings. The Leaders’ Association develops the program direction of Buffalo County 4-H.

The goals of the 4-H Leaders’ Association are to keep youth interested, encourage participating beyond the club level in county activities, events and programs, increase parental involvement, make the county fair educational and fun, promote positive self-esteem, and encourage active attendance at leaders’ meetings. Leaders’ Association promotes the goals and objectives of Division of Extension 4-H Youth Programs.

Why should you be involved in the 4-H Leaders’ Association?

As a member of the Leaders’ Association you can:

  • Provide guidance and direction for the Buffalo County 4-H Program
  • Be a role model for 4-H youth
  • Develop new leadership skills
  • Aid in fundraising for and financial accountability of the Leaders’ Association
  • Make decisions that effect the lives of youth in the Buffalo County 4-H Program
  • Serve as a link of communication between the Leaders’ Association and your 4-H Club
  • Meet other leaders from across Buffalo County
  • Have access to up-to-date leader resources and trainings
  • Share ideas that aid continual development of the Buffalo County 4-H program
  • Show support for 4-H Youth Development Program and education
  • Become a registered 4-H leader covered under our liability insurance policy
  • Have a voice in the 4-H Program!

Are YOU interested in being a club representative?

The 4-H Leaders’ Association engages 4-H youth in grades 6-12 and 4-H adult volunteers. Contact your club leader or the Division of Extension for the date, time and location of the next 4-H Leaders’ Association meeting. We encourage your participation and your input! 

For more information about the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders’ Association, listed below are several topics that may be of interest.

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