American Spirit: Buffalo County all the way to the East Coast

Shaylah Rodriguez and Harlee Klink took on American Spirit! American Spirit is a learning opportunity, for 4-H members in grades 8-10, where young adults increase knowledge in America’s heritage, build awareness of the many steps taken to gain U.S. independence and freedom, and further develop skills in leadership and personal expression of values. They obtain these skills by traveling to the East Coast and experiencing American history where it occurred. Locations included: Nappanee, Indiana, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York City, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, Lexington/Concord, Massachusetts, and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. What a great way to get ready for the Fourth of July!

Harlee and Shaylah were two of the four Buffalo County 4-H members to attend American Spirit. Next week another group is set to explore the same area. Stay tuned to see pictures from their experience. You may also see another familiar face. Michelle Moats represented Buffalo County as a chaperone on this wonderful trip.