APRIL Showers Bring May Flowers

For the month of April 2021, 4-H youth was invited to engage in learning about the importance of plant and soil sciences.  This could have involved starting their flowers early to mature them for the warm Spring weather later, or taking care of existing houseplants, and helping plant this years crop.  This teaches youth the responsibility of caring for plants, as well as the significance of good nutrients in the soil for the development of plants.  Some youth explored the idea that plants help many other species, like pollinators, that in return help us as well. Take a look at some of our 4-H youth members, and their involvement in plant and soil science.

Norah Lisowski, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 4, “I chose to plant seeds of flowers that are bee pollinators. I planted Forget Me Nots and Coneflowers. I used 5 tablespoons of water to re-hydrate the soil and then planted the seeds. I will keep them indoors until they are seedlings and then transfer them outside to grow.”

Donniejo and Eddie Dittrich, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grades 11 and 7, “We learned how to pick good flowers and how to properly cut and arrange them. We also learned what to use as fillers and greens as well.”

William Dittrich, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 3, “I was given a tree seedling at school. I planted my tree by digging a hole a foot deep, put fresh soil around it and also watered it.   Then a tomato cage was put around it so my sheep does not eat it!”

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