BCPC 5th & 6th Grade Prevention Day Is “Magic”

Energizer Carl Olson was the keynote speaker at Buffalo County Partnership Council 5th and 6th Grade Day.

On January 16, 2019 at Mondovi High School all fifth and sixth graders in Buffalo County participated in the annual Buffalo County Partnership Council Sixth Grade Day. Fifth and sixth graders from all four school districts of Cochrane-Fountain City, Alma, Mondovi and Gilmanton engaged in the event. The program was hosted by the Buffalo County Partnership Council, a group of teachers, students, county agencies, and community organizations with the mission to “provide collaborative prevention programming to educate youth and their families to make healthy choices and positively influence people and policies.”

The day of prevention included four key presenters focused on preparing young people to start their middle school experience on the right foot.   Energizer Carl Olson utilized a mix of motivation and magic to encourage young people to think critically about keeping their grades up, effectively handling peer pressure, using the four magic phrases in communication, making good decisions when faced with bullying, contributing to their school and community, showing gratitude to others and strategies for success in their next years before graduation. In his closing, he reminded students to always work to their personal best and led them in the chant, “Good, Better, Best; Never Let it Rest!” His energizing presentation engaged students with his inspiring anecdotes and amazing magic tricks.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Day also featured a presentation from Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Nic Scholl and his drug enforcement dog, Owen. Deputy Scholl completed a demonstration of how Owen sniffs out illegal substances including meth, marijuana, heroin and cocaine.  Deputy Scholl shared with students Owen’s purpose and spoke with students about how he assists in solving drug-related crimes in Buffalo County. Deputy Scholl reminded students that Owen is used in the schools to help keep students and school personnel safe. Owen is also trained to track individuals if they are missing. Fifth and sixth graders had many questions of Deputy Scholl and were eager to learn more about how Owen stays healthy and trained and how commands are used to help Owen detect drugs throughout the community.

7 C’s Health Consortium’s, Judi Zabel, engaged students in learning more about OTP (Other Tobacco Products), like that of vaping and juuling. Students had all their questions about popcorn lung, the financial costs of tobacco, nicotine addiction and marketing products to teens answered through education and videos.

3Screens presentations also showed a presentation with three giant movie screens centered on making good choices and being your best self. Students enjoyed the music and characters on the big screens!

5th & 6th Grade Day Photo Gallery

Cochrane-Fountain City 5th graders were excited about learning at the Buffalo County Partnership Council day.

Mondovi 5th graders had a great time engaging with peers and speakers on January 16.

Deputy Nic Scholl and K9 Owen demonstrated for students how they work together to detect illegal substances in schools, houses, cars and open areas.

Judi Zabel of 7 C’s Health answered students questions about vaping and juuling.

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