Breads and Spreads 4-H Mini Camp

4-H youth members were invited to the Breads & Spreads 4-H Mini Camp, where they learn to bake delicious yeast breads, as well as appetizing spreads to go along with them.  This provides youth with a fun learning experience and knowledge of kitchen safety.  4-H members also get to work on math skills by measuring various ingredients and using many different kitchen tools.  Youth members find this 4-H mini camp to be a fun educational opportunity to get involved in the kitchen and getting a SWEET reward after.

Mareesa Rehberg, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Grade 5, baked a loaf of bread with her Grandma Bauer, which turned out to be delicious and made the whole house smell amazing.



Mareesa Rehberg, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Grade 5, once again participated in Breads & Spreads Mini Camp and baked a delicious Reuben Dip and Irish Soda Bread with her grandma, Laurie Bauer.

Mareesa Rehberg, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Grade 5, participated in the Western Wisconsin 4-H Mini Camp Breads and Spreads, this time making and raising Yeast Buns.

Rylee Rosenberg, Cheerful Workers 4-H, Grade 11, “I made delicious Bagels during the Breads and Spreads class last week.”

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