Buffalo County 4-H Sign Contest for National 4-H Week – October 2 – 8

2022 National 4-H Week Lawn or Window Display Contest

Buffalo County 4-H clubs are encouraged to enter the 2022 Lawn or Window Display Contest to promote 4-H during National 4-H Week.

Follow these rules to compete:

  1. The display must include the National 4-H “Opportunity4All” theme. Optional to include the tagline “Talent is Everywhere, Opportunity is Not” or “More Opportunity, More Smiles.” Must include a 4-H clover according to guidelines and either Buffalo County 4-H or 4-H club name.
  2. All displays must be visible to the general public to see during National 4-H week (October 2-8).  Front yards, club meeting sites, or business locations (with permission) are all great sites to place a display. Must remove sign promptly the following week – failure to do so could result in a citation from DOT.
  3. Displays will be judged on eye appeal, neatness, conveying state theme message, originality, local interest, and number of people potentially reached by your display (if you share your display on social media). Use #opportunity4all and/or #buffalo4h
  4. You must contact the Division of Extension and let us know the location of your display by October 2 at 608-685-6256 or annie.lisowski@wisc.edu In addition, tag University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension Buffalo County on Facebook and email a photo of the display to annie.lisowski@wisc.edu by October 2, 2022 for the purpose of inclusion on the 4-H website.
  5. Displays must be up by Sunday, October 2, and judging will be conducted virtually in 2022.

Cash prizes for entries will be awarded as follows:

1st  place         $50.00

2nd place          $35.00

3rd  place         $25.00

4th  place        $15.00

5th place         $5.00

Sponsored by the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders’ Association.


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