Buffalo County 4-H “Take and Go” Activities-Thursday

Buffalo County 4-H offers first 100 youth “Take & Go” Activities

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ferris Wheel Thumbprints:

Create your own Ferris Wheel characters by printing your thumbprints on the Ferris Wheel sheet provided.  Use markers to create happy, excited, scared, sad, and many more faces on your characters.  Explore emotions of the fair while doing this activity!

See below for an example and more instructions on this activity.

4-H Crops Building

10AM until gone…

Located on the activity table in the crops building, we will have Ferris Wheel sheets, along with ink and markers.  Ink your thumb or other fingers, and place your finger on one of the carts on the Ferris Wheel.  Fill up all your carts, then take a marker and decorate your characters!  Handouts and other activity ideas will also be located with this activity.


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