Bunnies, Bonfires and Brushes!

The 4-H Paint Party on March 14 was so much fun! Youth and adults enjoyed painting together with acrylics in our 4-H art aprons! Check out our finished products below!

Addi Soppa (Grade 4) and Melissa Soppa (Adult) from Golden Hornets 4-H painted the bunnies and the bonfires. Our favorite part is the bunny by the bonfire!

Screenshot of the wonder group of 4-H youth that participated in the Bunny Drawing for the 4-H Paint Party!

The Bunnies turned out great as 4-H youth showed off their creations!

The second painting everyone involved was eager to paint a bonfire to get ready for warmer summer days.

Showing off their bonfires, everyone made fun and unique pine trees and firepits, as well as we discussed how delicious s’mores would be over the bonfire.

Arden Hayter (Grade 4) and Becky Hayter (Adult) of Golden Hornets 4-H painted these bunnies for spring!

Golden Hornets 4-H members Arden & Becky Hayter pained these two bonfires with acrylic paint.

Nehemiah Herold carefully paints the inside of his bunny’s ear with acrylic paint while watching carefully on the Zoom!

Nehemiah Herold (Grade 2, 4-H Afterschool) with his very well proportioned bunny canvas.

Did you miss the 4-H Paint Party? You can register to access the FREE recordings and resources at https://buffalo.extension.wisc.edu/4-h-paint-party/

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