Carnival Lights Showcase 4-H Clothing Garments

Seventeen youth from Buffalo County displayed their talent at the 2019 Clothing Revue, Country Nights & Carnival Lights on June 18, at the Roger Marten Community Center. Youth ranging from kindergarten to seniors in high school participated in this year’s Clothing Revue. Exhibitors were judged on the criteria of fit, style, pattern, and fabric selection for the youth; whereas at the fair they will be judged on the physical construction of the garment. The 4-H Clothing Project teaches youth how to purchase material and a pattern, create the garment by sewing and following a pattern, and finding accessories to match the garment that was created. After the judging of 33 entries was completed, a style show was put on for all exhibitors to model one of their outfits. The judge for the evening was Fay Passow. The Clothing Revue Project members would like to give a special thank you to the Marten Center for holding the event, Judge Fay Passow for giving the youth constructive feedback, Laurie Bauer for recording results and feedback, Marie Ritscher for setting up, and the volunteers that help the young members sew their own garments.


Simple sewn garment or accessory: Hope Larson-1st, Abby Ruff-1st, Hazel Wik-1st


Junior (Grades 3-6)

Blouse or top with a skirt or jumper: Finley Noll-1st, Kaylen Rud-1st, merit

Blouse, top, or shirt: Hannah Bauer-1st, merit, Nessa Noll-1st

Dress or jumper: Avery Bambenek-1st, Hannah Bauer-2nd, Patience Larson-1st, merit, Reserve Champion, Nessa Noll-2nd

Formal Wear: Madalyn Wick-1st, merit

Garment constructed for a child: Madalyn Wick-1st

Lined jacket or coat: Patience Larson-1st

Other article not listed: Avery Bambenek-1st

Pants: Alison George-1st, Kaylen Rud-1st

Partywear: Finley Noll-1st

Skirt: Avery Bambenek-1st, merit, Hannah Bauer-2nd, Grace Larson-2nd, Nessa Noll-1st, merit

Two piece summer sportswear: Alison George-1st, merit, Finley Noll-1st, merit, Champion Trophy


Intermediate (Grades 7-9)

Blouse or top with a skirt: Hannah Noll-1st, merit, Reserve Champion

Dress or jumper: Chloe Kleinschmidt-1st, merit

Garment for a child: Hannah Noll-1st, merit

Loungewear or sleepwear: Chloe Kleinschmidt-1st

Partywear: Rylee Rosenberg-1st, merit

Skirt: Hannah Noll-1st

Unlined jacket or coat: Rylee Rosenberg-1st, merit, Champion Trophy


Senior (Grades 10+)

Loungewear or sleepwear: Amber Kleinschmidt-1st, merit, Austin Koesterman-1st, merit

Seventeen youth from throughout Buffalo County participated in the 2019 Clothing Revue, Country Nights & Carnival Lights.

Patience Larson shows off her Reserve Champion dress at her first experience of the Clothing Revue.

Rylee Rosenberg laughs as she talks with judge about her unlined jacket.

Kaylen Rud, a second year participant in the Clothing Revue made two blue ribbon exhibits.

Judge, Fay Passow, looks at the back of Finley Noll’s Champion two piece summer sportswear outfit.

This year there were three blue ribbon Cloverbud exhibitors: Abby Ruff, Hazel Wik, and Hope Larson.

Intermediate participants were Chloe Kleinschmidt, Hannah Noll, and Rylee Rosenberg.

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