CFC 2nd graders learn how hydrogels can be helpful

C-FC 2nd graders participated in a National Youth Science Day experiment that asked them to determine how hydrogels can be used to conserve water.

Second grade students at Cochrane-Fountain City School engaged in an experiment on April 30, 2019 that allowed them to investigate how hydrogels can be helpful in conservation. Hydrogels are superabsorbent polymers that can soak up to five times their weight in water. Hydrogels are used in farming and other industries to help conserve water. University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension Buffalo County 4-H Youth Development Educator, Annie Lisowski, was welcomed in the classrooms of Mrs. McCamley and Mrs. Bohlinger to conduct the experiment using water and disposable diapers (that contain hydrogels hidden inside). As part of the lesson, students applied their understanding of the states of matter from their classroom curriculum to hydrogels. Students described the hydrogel matter as either a liquid or a solid. The experiment is one from a series of 4-H National Youth Science Day critical thinking learning experiences that engage students in hands-on, real-world scientific tests and data collection.

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