Decorated Cakes, Healthy Menus and Table Settings receive awards at Buffalo County Fair 4-H Foods Revue

Some amazingly decorated cakes, well-planned healthy one-dish meals and table settings (manners included) received awards at Buffalo County Fair 4-H Foods Revue on July 22, 2019 at the Marten Center in Mondovi. Judges, Janet Bethke-Ede and Cyndy Jacoby, provided feedback to youth on their main dishes, desserts, decorated cakes and cupcakes as well as their place settings. The 4-H Foods Revue gives youth the opportunity to practice skills related to the foods and nutrition project, exhibit their food products and displays, and receive feedback from a qualified judge. With over 80 entries and 28 exhibitors from both Buffalo and Pepin county, the Marten Center was full of youth with creative and high quality exhibits.

Three Cloverbud exhibitors, Allyson Mercer, Abby Ruff, and Hazel Wik, created blue ribbon original designs that fit into the Healthy Food Character lot.

In the junior division, exhibitors grades 3-6, merit awards went to Alison George for her one dish meal and place setting, Nessa Noll for her healthy appetizer, and Finley Noll for her healthy food item, place setting, and single serving of pizza. Alison George received the junior division trophy for her one dish meal. Reserve Champion went to Nessa Noll for her healthy appetizer of chips and salsa.

Josh Linse had a stellar night receiving four merits and earning the intermediate trophy title for his breakfast dish. Linse earned merits for his breakfast dish, creative dessert, healthy main dish food, and microwave dessert or candy. Julia Moats took home the reserve champion ribbon for her breakfast dish as well as receiving merits on her breakfast dish and place setting. Hannah Noll from the Clover 4-H club received merit awards on her place setting and creative dessert.

Morgan Guenther brought two homemade meals for the senior division under complete meal and complete meal with international theme. Guenther received seconds in both entries.

The decorated cakes contest was full of competition and sweet treats. Hannah Bauer of the Lucky 16 4-H club took home the champion trophy for her decorated cookies. Chloe Kleinschmidt earned the reserve champion honors with her candy. Wilton awards are given out each year to outstanding cake decorating projects. This year’s recipients were Hannah Bauer, Catherine Pehler-Ziegeweid, and Morgan Guenther. Merit awards went to Alison George for her candy and decorated cookies, Hannah Bauer for her decorated cupcakes and cookies, Aidan Lisowski for his decorated cupcakes, Chloe Kleinshcmidt for her candy, and Cahterine Pehler-Zigeweid for her decorated cake with icing.

The Foods Revue participants would like to thank the Marten Center for allowing them to use the space, Janet Bethke-Ede and Cyndy Jacoby for sharing their expertise and time to judge, Annie Lisowski, Marie Ritscher, Michelle Hovey, and Rachel Hovey for clerking and organizing the event, and all parents and volunteers who help the youth create their exhibits.

Abby Ruff a Cloverbud member from the Clover 4-H club exhibits her healthy food character.

Allyson Mercer smiles brightly with her blue ribbon healthy food character.

Hazel Wik shows off her healthy food character. This is Hazel’s third and final year of participating in the healthy food character class.

Judge, Janet Bethke-Ede looks carefully to distinguish the highest quality of candy and decorated cupcakes of the Buffalo and Pepin County youth.

Judge, Cyndy Jacoby asks exhibitor, Madalyn Wick, about the steps she took to make her jello appetizers.

Cloverbud exhibitors, Hazel Wik, Abby Ruff, and Allyson Mercer all received blue ribbons on their healthy food characters.

Hunter Wik, a Clover 4-H member displays his healthy appetizer and blue ribbon after conversing with the judge.

The senior division had a strong showing of decorated cakes and cupcakes at this year’s event.

This reserve junior best of show chips and salsa was created by Nessa Noll.

Madalyn Wick talks with Judge, Cyndy Jacoby about the nutritional value of her granola bar in the healthy food item class.

Award winners in the Decorated Cakes competition were Catherine Pehler-Ziegeweid, Hannah Bauer, Chloe Kleinschmidt, Morgan Guenther, and Alison George.

Morgan Guenther listens carefully to the judge as she provides praise along with constructive criticism for improvements for next year!

Nessa Noll, Alison George, and Madalyn Wick all listen to judge, Cyndy Jacoby as she provides her insight and experience.

Nessa Noll, Alison George, and Madalyn Wick all smile with their one dish meal entries in the junior division.

In the place setting lots, youth are expected to pair dinnerware, flatware, glassware, tablecloth, or placemat, and a napkin together to create a theme or cohesive unit. Hunter Wik created a simple farm scene for his place setting in the junior division.

Judge, Janet Bethke-Ede analyzes Hannah Noll’s recipe for her breakfast dish lot.

Single serving pizza is a popular lot for junior exhibitors. This year’s participants were Finley Noll, Hunter Wik, Alison George, and Kobin Bechel.

Josh Linse waits for the judge to finish reading his recipe and directions for one of his four merit award items.

Julia Moats, a Hilltop Climbers 4-H member, brought a creative dessert.

Finley Noll, Nessa Noll, and Alison George pose with their award winning creations in the junior division of the 2019 Foods Revue.

Julia Moats put together a very eye appealing and creative one place setting in the junior division.

Award winners in the intermediate division were Hannah Noll, Julia Moats, and Josh Linse.

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