Do you know 4-H? The Volunteer Edition

Do you know that being a certified volunteer in 4-H means that you are much more than just an adult in 4-H? Volunteers are trained as mandatory reporters and are workings towards skills identified in our Volunteer Research, Knowledge and Competencies (VRKC).


The VRKC taxonomy is expressed in six domains that are listed in the cumulative order of importance, competence and use, as determined as a result of the 2003-2004 study.

  • Communication
    • Volunteers demonstrate the ability to create, deliver and interpret information effectively.
  • Organization
    • Volunteers demonstrate the ability to engage others in planning, providing and delivering positive 4-H youth development programming in a community.
  • 4-H Program Management
    • Volunteers must understand and follow appropriate policies, procedures and safety guidelines when acting on behalf of Extension.
  • Educational Design and Delivery
    • Volunteers demonstrate the ability to plan, implement and evaluate research based learning opportunities that effectively promote positive personal development.
  • Positive Youth Development
    • Volunteers demonstrate the ability to intentionally and appropriately apply the principles and best practices that result in the positive development of youth.
  • Interpersonal Characteristics
    • Volunteers demonstrate the ability to develop effective relationships, work competently with individuals and groups and express empathy and understanding for others.
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