January 2020 4-H Annual Leaders Training

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Event Information


January 19th, 2020


5:00pm - 8:00pm


FREE, but you must register

Register for the Training by Friday, January 3, 2020

January 19, 2020
5:00pm – 8:00pm
Alma Courthouse 3rd floor County Board Room

Real Colors training will take place starting right at 5:00pm.
Food (with a gluten-free option) will be served around 6:00pm.
The 4-H Leaders Association meeting will start at approximately 7:00pm and will have limited agenda items (countywide service-learning project).

Real Colors is a fun, interactive workshop that will provide you with tools and skills to better understand human behavior; skills that will help at school, work or at home. You’ll learn if you are a gold, blue, green or orange and what that means for your relationships with others. Learn more at https://realcolors.org/

Real Colors training includes your own personality survey tool that has an associated cost (free to you as a 4-H member) and need to be ordered in advance, therefore we are asking youth and adults to register for this meeting.

At least one adult and youth need to be present from each Buffalo County 4-H club to meet 4-H Charter expectations.



January 19, 2020

Alma Courthouse; 3rd Floor County Board Room



4:00PM –        Sort/Pick Up 4-H Candy Bars for Fundraiser


5:00PM –        Annual Leader Training – Real Colors Tool


6:00PM –        Food Served


7:00PM         Abbreviated 4-H Leaders’ Association Meeting





  1. 7:00 PM         Call meeting to Order


  1. 7:05 PM         Secretary’s Report


  1. 7:10 PM         Treasurer’s Report


  1. 7:15 PM         Key Award and Crowley Award Presentations


  1. 7:20 PM         4-H Countywide Service Learning Project Committee



  1. 7:50 PM         Upcoming Deadlines and Details


    1. Buffalo County  Fair / 4-H Festival of Arts –February 16, 2019 at Alma Area School


    1. Candy Bar Fundraiser Ends – March 22, 2020


    1. Next Meeting Date – March 22, 2020  6:00pm


  1.  8:00 PM        Adjourn


Event Location

Buffalo County Courthouse, Alma

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