You Pull at my Heart Strings

Buffalo County 4-H invited 4-H youth members and their families, during the month of February, to take part in our Arts & Communication 4-H Project Challenge! The theme for the month of February was kindness, love, caring, belonging and inclusion.  The purpose of the 4-H Project Challenge was to practice 4-H project skills at home, engage in 4-H learning with family members and have a little fun sharing 4-H project work!  For the month of February there were multiple categories. 4-H members could submit up to three entries in each of the categories. Some of these categories included; arts, crafts, photography, and music to name a few.  Check out these cool projects made by our Buffalo County youth members.

Kinley Thornsen, MCYC, Grade Kindergarten “I used different colors of yarn to make my heart so beautiful!”

Norah Lisowski, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 4 “I wove two yarn wall hangings using a loom and a shuttle. One is longer because I used thicker yarn. The other is the shape of a cape for my kitty! I plan to give one away for a gift for my friend.”

Molly King, MCYC, Grade 1 “I chose pink for my yarn heart craft! I made it by wrapping it over and over until the cardboard is all covered.”

Torey and Taylor Eggenberger, MCYC, Grades 2 and 1 “We had so much fun making crafts for others to show them how much we care about them!”

Lauren and Gavin Segerstrom, MCYC, Grade Kindergarten “We are planning on sharing our hearts with family members for Valentine’s Day!”

Easton Baures, 4-H Afterschool, Grade 3 “I chose this color yarn to tell everyone to have a golden heart.”


Luke Finucane, 4-H Afterschool, Grade 2 “I worked hard on wrapping the green yarn around the cardboard shape. It was hard to keep it balanced on both sides.”

Norah Lisowski, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 4 “I created a drawing from a felt tip pen. I added a heart for a pop of color and to tell everyone to be kind! The hardest part of the drawing was keeping the proportions right.”

Alison George, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Grade 8, “Love and belonging can be found in animals and this picture shows that. This cow comes running when I go out to see her. For outdoor animal pictures, I have learned where to have the sun and how to get the best angle of the animal.”

Alison George, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Grade 8, “A summer surprise to find this nest of eggs. I had to get good lightning to capture the beauty of this down in a hanging basket.”

Alison George, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Grade 8, “I learned how to take close-up, but clear pictures when I practiced taking pictures of my baby ducks. This picture shows the homemade pool I made out of a milk jug for the ducks when they were little.”

Julia Moats, Hilltop Climbers 4-H, Grade 10, covered ‘One Man Band’ on her guitar by the country musical band “Old Dominion”.


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