Find your SPARKS – The Wisconsin 4-H Movement

National 4-H week is a great time to find and showcase your Sparks through 4-H and the values of the Wisconsin 4-H Movement!  From October 3-10 we invite you to share those magical sparks (the things that excite you) with others.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Edit your own “SPARKS” board and share on social media throughout the week #wi4hmovement
    1. Create your own board in Google Slides (click here to create)
    2. Download a picture of the board and add to it how you would like (click here to download)
    3. Submit a picture and share your sparks and we’ll add it to a board for you (click here to get a board made)!
  2. Share your SPARKS board, pictures, or words so we can share them with Wisconsin 4-H, upload pictures at!
  3. Create your own SPARKS board or share your sparks with others however you can
  4. Use #wi4hmovement to share your sparks on social media
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