Gilmanton students engineer hydraulic mechanical arms for national 4-H challenge

Third and fourth grade students at Gilmanton Elementary School learned about how robotic engineers use hydraulics to conduct scientific research on Mars as part of the National 4-H STEM Challenge on December 2, 2021. Students in Ms. Halverson’s classroom used critical thinking skills to design a cosmic claw that opened and closed using hydraulic pistons. Students were challenged with using makerspace materials to test their prototypes and transfer items from one location to another using only their mechanical robots. As part of the 4-H STEM Challenge, Galactic Quest, led by UW-Madison Division of Extension 4-H Youth Development Educator, Annie Lisowski, students discussed which jobs are best suited for robots and which industries use robotics in daily work. Developing problem solving skills and exploring post-secondary pathways, including future careers in the science and engineering fields, are essential for youth in the 21st century.

Ms. Katy Halverson works with her third and fourth grade students to engineer a mechanical arm that uses hydraulics.

Gilmanton students tinkered and used makerspace materials to test their prototypes for the National 4-H STEM Challenge.

Part of the Galactic Quest 4-H learning experience included learning about how robotics are used in industry on Earth and in space.

Gilmanton elementary students learned how to create their own hydraulics to power their mechanical arms.

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