Honorary 4-H alum receives recognition

Kirk Kleinschmidt received the 2022 4-H Alumni Award for his many contributions to Buffalo County 4-H over the last year and decade. Kirk Kleinschmidt of Bear Creek 4-H was presented the recognition plaque by youth at the Mondovi Community Youth Center. The 4-H Alumni Award traditionally recognizes a 4-H alumnus or current volunteer that has made an educational impact on the lives of 4-H members. This award is also awarded to outstanding 4-H volunteers, leaders, or community members who are dedicated to the Buffalo County 4-H program.

Kirk Kleinschmidt of Mondovi was selected as the honorary 4-H alumni for 2022. Kleinschmidt was not a 4-H member as a young person but has dedicated much of his adult life to being a 4-H supporter and leader. Over the last couple of years, Kleinschmidt has gone out of his way to ensure that the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association food stand is well-equipped with needed appliances and has completed many last-minute renovation needs. In addition, he has supported 4-H youth in preparation for the Buffalo County Fair and always been present to lend a hand. Most recently, he has helped transition 4-H members and families with the Mondovi Community Youth Center to their new site in the basement of the CCFBank.

The 4-H Alumni Award is a long-standing tradition of recognition in Buffalo County and is sponsored by the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association. 4-H youth and adults are proud to add Kirk Kleinschmidt to their ranks of recognized 4-H alumni.

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