‘Ketching’ Up With Tomatoes Project Box Kit

Did you know tomatoes originated in the Andes Mountains deep in South America? This fascinating fruit (or vegetable, we’ll let you decide) has a unique story to share. It’s traveled around the world and has become an important food in many cultures.

Open to 3-6th graders, our tomato project box will dive into tomatoes, specifically focusing on planting, cooking, and storytelling. Youth will be able to experiment with planting in different light conditions, try international recipes, and connect with other participants. Three special Zoom sessions will take place on Thursdays, 6-7 PM, in April and May.

Don’t miss out, register here: https://uwmadison.co1.qualtrics.com/…/SV_cNoCSdwZd1PuPMa

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and the UW-Madison Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic are sponsoring this distance learning series.

The planned Zooms are as follows:

Thursday, April 11: 6-7 PM

Thursday, May 2: 6-7 PM

Thursday, May 16: 6-7 PM