Deer Management

Check out these links to learn more about deer and deer management in Wisconsin:

A Century of Deer Management in Wisconsin

Antler Restrictions – The new fad

Baiting and Feeding – The Problem that Will Not Go Away

Baiting and feeding of deer in Wisconsin – Update 2008

DEER – Overabundance Impacts on Forest Management and Ecology

Foods of Northern Deer

Impacts of White-Tailed Deer Overabundance in Forest Ecosystems

Investing in Wisconsin’s Whitetails

Lay-person’s discussion of Deer Carrying Capacity

Predation of Deer

Study of mortality in Pennsylvania captive white-tailed deer


How Does WI Estimate the Deer Herd?

Here is a link to an article describing the population estimation tool that WI DNR uses to estimate the deer herd.  This was written by Keith Warnke, who is WI’s Big Game Ecologist.


Deer Research

Here is information on the deer research projects that will be occurring over the next few years.  In addition, a link is provided that provides more in depth information in to each study.  Take a look and sign up for free updates.

Deer Research Projects

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