Market Animal Exhibitors Participate in Livestock Clinic

Over 60 youth from Buffalo and Pepin counties participated in a livestock clinic hosted by Buffalo County UW-Madison Division of Extension on Monday, June 17. Dr. Nicole Costello from Mondovi Veterinary Service engaged and taught youth about disease transfer, the importance of quarantines, and public health. Fair Intern, Rachel Hovey, led a discussion based lesson for high school students on by-product feeds. This lesson focused on the importance of by-products, their role of eliminating food waste, and how by-product feeds can help to meet the high demands of the growing population. Younger students interacted with each other during an animal nutrition lesson that compared human nutrition needs to animal nutrition needs.

Buffalo and Pepin County youth would like to thank Dr. Nicole Costello for spending her afternoon to educate and inform on important topics.

Mondovi FFA members, Casey Denk, Karissa O’Connell, Kali Weber, and Kira Lee discussed potential solutions to their food waste scenario.

Dr. Nicole Costello spoke to elementary and middle school students about the importance of quarantining their animals after the fair.

Gilmanton students, Taylor Hovey, Lydia Evans, and Marli Evans smile for a photo while working through a food waste problem they were given.

Dr. Costello prompted students to share their ideas with candy on Monday afternoon.

High schoolers ended their by-product feed discussion with a game on identifying by-product feeds based on samples and context clues.

Elementary and middle school students created a “feed” ration for lambs by measuring out a balanced ratio of protein, energy, roughage, and vitamins & minerals.

4-H Office Operations Assistant, Meg Ruff, assists a Montana Pioneers 4-Her measure out the correct amount of “energy” for the ration.

Fair Intern, Rachel Hovey, created a game to test youth’s knowledge on by-product feeds.

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