Moline is one of only two Wisconsin Teen Court Association scholarship winners

Morgan Moline, a member of the Buffalo/Pepin County Teen Court, will receive a statewide scholarship for her role in juvenile restorative justice.  Morgan Moline is one of only two state 2021 award recipients from the Wisconsin Teen Court Association (WTCA). The WTCA Scholarship encourages new and long-term volunteer participation while encouraging ongoing education of youth restorative justice and peer courts. To apply, applicants were asked to describe their role in their local Teen Court as what impact they felt Teen Court has on their community. The scholarship is accompanied by $500 cash award to be utilized for secondary education in the fall of 2021.

Morgan Moline, is the daughter of Ben and Nicki Moline and is a senior at Pepin High School. Morgan is attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth in the fall majoring in education and minoring in coaching. Morgan wrote about what her experience with Buffalo/Pepin County Teen Court has taught her: “I learn more and more with each case I am able to help with. I learn more about the offenses we cover as a whole court, methods we are able to use to help offenders, and discover more about the restorative justice system so we can help future offenders to the best of our ability. Teen court and restorative justice have impacted me in so many ways that I am able to apply it to my future education. I am planning on majoring in physical education and health and minoring in coaching. Since I plan on becoming a future educator I have come to appreciate all that restorative justice stands for and has to offer. Whether or not the school I work at in the future has their own rendition of teen court or a school judicial system, I will help encourage students to join and help out their fellow students and community members. After being a panelist, I have an appreciation for what it stands for and what it does for troubled youth and their families and communities. Teen court and the restorative justice system are two components that have greatly affected and influenced my high school career and my future decisions and I will be applying all that I have learned into my future education and employment.”

Annie Lisowski, Buffalo/Pepin Teen Court Coordinator, said of Moline’s teen court experience, “Morgan has been a valuable member of our panel for the last four years. She is a mentor to beginning peer judges and always applies an equity lens to deliberations. Her goal is to build relationships and improve lives through restorative justice. I’m confident she’ll carry what she’s learned in our program into her future career.” Buffalo/Pepin Teen Court Coordinator, Marie Ritscher, of University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, awarded the scholarship on behalf of WTCA in April.

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