Mondovi Community Prevention Night

The first of two Community Prevention Nights hosted by the Buffalo County Partnership Council took place at the Mondovi High School IMC on March 18, 2019. The Community Prevention Night featured a drug awareness presentation, a mock bedroom and backpack for parents, a K9 demonstration and resources on vaping and juuling. The keynote presenter, Detective Mike Osmond of the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department, used actual footage and images from Buffalo County to demonstrate the impact of marijuana and meth in our rural communities. Osmond reinforced that his purpose was not to create community experts, but rather help parents, grandparents and neighbors recognize when there may be influence of drugs with a family member or friend and encourage them to report, especially when children are involved and are endangered by the environment. Deputy Nic Scholl and his K9 “Owen” demonstrated how they work as a team to track individuals and locate illegal substances in vehicles, schools and homes. Kenedy Beebe, Buffalo County Public Health’s Community Health Educator, met with families about vaping — showings parents how to identify juuls amongst school supplies in their child’s backpack. Danielle Schalinske, Buffalo County Social Worker, was responsible for developing a mock bedroom for adults to review. The mock bedroom helps community members recognize potential drugs “hidden in plain sight” in a young person’s bedroom. The Community Prevention Night was co-hosted with help from Mondovi Schools, University of Wiscosnin-Madison Extension Buffalo County, Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department and Buffalo County Health and Human Services. Learn more about the Buffalo County partnership at

Detective Osmond utlized dash cam footage to share messages from actual drug users.

There was a full house for the Community Prevention Night in Mondovi on March 18.

Deputy Scholl and K9 Owen demonstrated their teamwork in tracking and locating illegal drugs.

Owen, the K9, and his officer Deputy Scholl found the correct bag with the illegal substances inside.

This normal looking teenage bedroom actually has signs everywhere of potential drug use.

Community Health Educator, Kenedy Beebe, was available to discuss the new kind of nicotine addiction for our teen generation.

Parents and community members were asked to find the potential pitfalls “hidden in plain sight” during the mock bedroom.

Community members interacted with a mock vaping backpack at the event.

Nicotine products are targeted towards teens and look like tech prodcuts and school supplies.

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