Ractopamine Information for Buffalo County Fair Swine Exhibitors

At the April 8, 2020 Buffalo County Fair Association meeting a motion to make the Buffalo County Fair a Ractopamine Free Fair was passed. This means, effective immediately, that no swine at the Buffalo County Fair can be fed or exposed to ractopamine from birth to harvest. No Paylean, Engrain or ractopamine products sold under other names may be fed or exposed to swine shown or planned to be shown at the Buffalo County Fair. Buffalo County Fair Livestock Rules allow for testing of animals, including testing for ractopamine in swine. Buffalo County Fair reserves the right to secure a signed affidavit from exhibitors and their family members stating that swine are ractopamine free. Violation of these rules will result in the loss of Buffalo County Fair premiums, awards and sales for current and subsequent years. More information about ractopamine free efforts and compliance for Wisconsin Swine Exhibitors is found below.

Ractopamine Fact Sheet for Exhibitors 2020

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