State 4-H Horse Leaders Conference Experience!

Buffalo County’s 4-H Horse Project was able to attend the State 4-H Horse Leaders Conference November 12-13.

Kelli Krzyszton said, “It was a good conference to help youth and leaders learn about what sparks them and gain confidence with more knowledge and skills while making connections with others whose interests include horses. Registration fees for the youth and adults were paid for by the4-H Horse Project with donations received during pony ride events and from individual donors in the past year. The community support is greatly appreciated, thank you!”

Emma Sandberg said, “Overall, I loved the conference. There were many interesting session options. My favorite was the parasite session. I learned a lot more about deworming and fecal egg count that I did not know before. I also learned many ways to prevent parasites in horses. I highly recommend the Horse Leader Conference to anyone because you always learn something new!”

Ava Goetting said, “I thought it was a fun experience and I learned a lot from the different learning sessions. My favorite ones were probably color genetics and crafts. I definitely recommend it for everyone to experience.”

Avery Bambenek said, “It was really fun and educational, I learned a lot. My favorite sessions that we did were the color genetics and the crafts. I learned a lot from the parasite’s session as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone if you got a chance.”

Group photo left to right: Mary Norby, Kelli Krzyszton, Samantha Hanson, Kristen Goetting, Avery Bambenek, Ava Goetting, Emma Sandberg, Kari Sandberg
Ava and Avery holding the horseshoe wire-wrapped crafts made during one of their chosen workshops. They are standing near one of the horse pens on Lab Farm 1 which was toured earlier.
Model Horse exhibit is among multiple Horse Educational Events to compete in at the 4-H Horse Expo
Emma with her State Sportsmanship Award
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