Survey shows Buffalo County 4-H is Thriving

The 4-H Thriving Model predicts that youth who participate in 4-H programs that provide a high-quality developmental context will thrive, and thriving youth achieve key developmental outcomes.

To determine scores for Program Quality, youth members aged 13 and up were invited to take an online survey asking them questions about their 4-H experience.  The survey was developed by Mary Arnold, Oregon State University and Ryan Gagnon, Clemson University.  Wisconsin served as a pilot state for administering the survey in 2020 & 2021. After analyzing data, the scores are provided which assess each component of the model on a scale of 1-7, 7 meaning outstanding program quality.

The survey data suggests that the program quality in Buffalo County 4-H is strong, and there is room to grow.  All around, Buffalo County 4-H members in grades 7-12 feel supported in youth-adult partnerships, feel engaged in 4-H project work, and feel 4-H volunteers care about their success.  4-H programming can work to develop more challenging experiences that help youth grow as they prepare for secondary pathways beyond high school. In 2022, Buffalo County 4-H will look to provide 4-H youth leaders experiences that are designed to engage them in meaningful leadership and service that both excite and challenge them.  The data from 2021 will serve as the benchmark for future analysis of 4-H program quality. 

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