Teen court violations range from alcohol and vaping to theft and cyberbullying

Morgan Moline and Kaylee Auth both high school students from Pepin led the hearing as peer judges.

Alexa Fetzer, Evie Hullopeter, Sydney Seifert and Grace McQuiston were the Buffalo/Pepin County Teen Court panelists for the most recent vaping hearing.

Youth ages 10-16 can be referred to teen court by the Buffalo/Pepin County judge, a juvenile justice social worker, a law enforcement officer, or school administration for violations that happen at school or in the community. First time offenders may elect to participate in the process after being referred for violations, including:

  • Disorderly Conduct
  • No Valid Driver’s License
  • Damage to Property/Vandalism
  • Shoplifting/Retail Theft
  • Trespassing
  • DNR/Park Offenses, Littering, Curfew, or ATV violations
  • Possession of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, or Vaping
  • Truancy
  • Cyberbullying or sexting

During the pandemic, teen court peer judges have completed restorative justice hearings for 15 young people with cases including alcohol, vaping, theft, poor use of technology, disorderly conduct and truancy.

The purpose of Buffalo/Pepin County teen court is to provide an opportunity for young people to rethink and change their behavior, restore their image at school in the community and repair their relationship with themselves, their family and the victim.

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