The Beginning of the 2021 Buffalo County Fair started with the 4-H DOG SHOW!

Saturday, June 26, was officially the start of the Buffalo County Fair 2021, with the 4-H Dog Show.  Buffalo County 4-H exhibitors got to show off their skills with their furry friends, while competing in Pre-Novice, Novice, Graduate Novice, and Showmanship.  Most of the lots that took place on Saturday worked on a leash, heeling, standing for examination, and long sit and long down; some challenges even with exhibitor out of sight.  It has been a long awaited two years since we welcomed youth into the show arena, and we could not be more excited for the 2021 fair!  Thank you too all the volunteers and leaders that made this show possible for our 4-H youth members.

Results of 4-H Dog Show

Dog: Pre-Novice A: (First Dog ever Trained)
Addie Gilles – 1st
Koye Schmidtknecht – 2nd
Avery Bambenek – 3rd
Ava Goetting – 3rd
Dog: Pre-Novice B: (Exhibitor or Dog Previously Trained)
Kenmund Mehus – 1st
Dog: Novice:
Evie Bork -1st
Dog: Graduate Novice:
Kenmund Mehus -1st
Team Obedience: Pre-Novice:
Avery Bambenek – 1st
Evie Bork – 1st
Ava Goetting – 1st
Kenmund Mehus – 1st
Junior Showmanship:
Avery Bambenek -1st
Ava Goetting -1st
Evie Bork -2nd
Addie Gilles -2nd
Koye Schmidtknecht -3rd
Senior Showmanship:
Kenmund Mehus -1st
Champion Pre-Novice:
Addie Gilles
Reserve Pre-Novice:
Koye Schmidtknecht
Champion Novice:
Kenmund Mehus
Reserve Champion Novice:
Evie Bork
Junior Showmanship:
Ava Goetting
Senior Showmanship:
Kenmund Mehus
Best Handler:
Kenmund Mehus

Congratulations to all exhibitors and their dogs on a successful day!

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