There’s nothing like enJOYing the Outdoors!

Buffalo County 4-H members utilized the beautiful outdoors to practice 4-H project skills in January 2021! 4-H young people were challenged to show their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math) skills while enjoying the outdoors. Another category challenged 4-H youth to get outside and try on a new or cherished favorite silent sport like ice skating, trapping, skiing, ice fishing or snowshoeing. In both categories, youth were encouraged to be creative and incorporate environmental education. Enjoying January weather can be fun if you’re working on your skill development at the same time! Check out what these 4-H members learned while engaging in STEAM or Silent Sports this month.

Norah Lisowski, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 4
“I’ve been reading Little House in the Big Woods at school and I wanted to try to make maple syrup snow candy just like Laura does in the book. I used candy science to boil the syrup to 225 degrees then poured it in the fresh snow to cool. It tastes like sweet caramels!”

Aidan Lisowski, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 6
“I went pheasant hunting with my dad at a game farm. We were practicing working a friend’s dogs. I got to watch and help carry the birds through the snow. I learned some of the commands for the dogs. I want to do it again sometime.”

Aidan Lisowski, Golden Hornets 4-H, Grade 6
“I caught this Northern Pike while ice fishing on the backwaters of the Mighty Mississippi. I use treble hooks, 50lb test line, tip ups and live bait to catch my fish. The biggest Northern I’ve ever caught ice fishing was 34″ long!”

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