Three new Friends of Buffalo County 4-H

Olivia Taylor, 4-H trust fund youth representative

2020 has been a transitional year for the Friends of Buffalo County 4-H, Inc. Three new 4-H trust fund members have been elected to the board of directors.

At their bi-annual meeting on September 17, 2020 the Friends welcomed their newest board member, Linda Larson.  Larson is fulfilling the vacant seat of Judge Gary Schlosstein who retired earlier this year after serving on the board of directors since its inception. Her term will expire in 2022.

Linda Larson is not new to the Friends of 4-H trust, however. Larson has been guiding the trust in her role at Alliance Bank, the institution that manages the trust free of charge, until her retirement in Spring 2020. Larson is eager to continue her leadership in ways that grow the trust fund.

Earlier this year Steve Nelson and Olivia Taylor were also elected to the Friends of Buffalo County 4-H in February 2020.  Steve Nelson of Mondovi is a long-time financial specialist who recently retired and is now also serving as a Buffalo County Board Supervisor. Olivia Taylor is the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association youth representative. She is a student at Mondovi High school and a long time 4-H member in the Lucky 16 4-H club.

Other members of the Friends of Buffalo County 4-H board include Greg Sage (Nelson), Fay Passow (Cochrane), Annie Lisowski (Fountain City), Bob Major (Alma), Sue Iverson (Mondovi) and John Stettler (Fountain City).

In the last couple of years, the Friends have invested their funds in local stocks that have yielded $2500 in dividends and interest that are contributed directly to the Buffalo County 4-H program annually. The current market value of the trust is just shy of $80,000.

Linda Larson

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