Two options for 4-H Records Review in 2020

2020 has been a complex, changing and challenging time for many 4-H members. As a result, Buffalo County 4-H is encouraging members to reflect on their 4-H experience this year as a way of documenting an important and historical time in their lives and 4-H “journeys.”


2020 4-H Journey Story

Unique in 2020, 4-H Record reflections will include pieces related specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, like:

  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your 4-H journey in 2020?
  • What changes did you make to move forward your 4-H project work?
  • What did you accomplish in your 4-H journey for 2020 that was unique this year?
  • Did you learn any new skills or apply new knowledge that you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the pandemic?
  • As a result of what you experienced in 2020, what will you plan for 4-H project and service learning in the 2021 4-H year?

There will be two options for 4-H Records Review in 2020. Both options still include most of the seven elements of a successful 4-H Record:

  1. 4-H Member Resume
  2. Evidence of Goal Setting
  3. Financial Records
  4. Reflections
  5. Written & Visual Component
  6. Evidence of Effort
  7. Self-Evaluation


Option #1: 4-H Reflection Interview

4-H Reflection Interview is a virtual opportunity to connect with a peer or 4-H adult and reflect on your 4-H project work or 4-H journey over the course of the last year.

Interviews will be conducted via Zoom on Sunday, September 27, 2020 between 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Register by September 20, 2020 for a time via Zoom at the link below:

A few have experienced difficulty with the link above. Please email Annie Lisowski at if the link is not working for you.

Required for this option is to:

  1. Complete 4-H Member Resume (be prepared to share your screen on Zoom to show your completed resume)
  2. Participate in a short 4-H Reflection Interview with a youth leader or adult volunteer depending on grade:
  • Cloverbuds in grades K-2
    • Approximately 5 minutes in length
    • Format is Show and Tell one 4-H project (much like meeting with judge at the Fair)
    • Interview with a 4-H youth leader
    • 4-H member resume not required for Cloverbuds
  • Junior and Intermediate 4-H Members in grades 3-8
    • Approximately 10 minutes in length
    • Format is respond to questions about your 4-H activity and project work in 2020 (questions from 4-H Record Activity and Project Story pages)
    • Interview with an older youth leader or adult volunteer
    • Be prepared to show 4-H Member Resume
  • Senior 4-H members in grades 9-13
    • Approximately 15 minutes in length
    • Format is two-way discussion about how pandemic has impacted your 2020 4-H Journey
    • Interview with an adult volunteer
    • Be prepared to show 4-H Member Resume

Each 4-H club is asked to have at least one 4-H adult leader/parent and one 4-H youth leader in grades 6-12 identified to be an interviewer on September 27, 2020. Please let Annie Lisowski know who is willing to serve as an interviewer by September 20, 2020. Thank you.


Option #2: Traditional 4-H Record Book according to guidelines with modifications for 2020

Access 4-H Record guidelines and information at

2020 Modifications include:

  • Must be submitted via ‘no-contact’ drop off at Buffalo County Courthouse in Alma, mailed to the Division of Extension Office or submitted electronically by September 30, 2020
  • 4-H Records will receive feedback from Annie Lisowski, 4-H Youth Development Educator, on the 2020 evaluation completion form
  • Cloverbuds will continue to complete Cloverbud pages leaving the question about the fair incomplete

Required documents for 2020 4-H Record Completion:

  • 1 4-H Member Resume
  • 1 4-H Project Story (select your most influential 4-H project in 2020)
  • 1 4-H Activities Story (please include any service learning)
  • 1 2020 4-H Journey Story (how the pandemic has impacted your 4-H journey)

Optional / Not Required documents in 2020:

  • 4-H activity program
  • Additional 4-H project stories
  • 4-H project records
  • 4-H talk or demonstration story
  • 4-H service-learning story
  • 4-H youth leadership story
  • Self-evaluation
  • Signatures or paragraphs from 4-H club leader and/or parent

Successful Reflection or Completion Evaluation

  • Each 4-H member who has a Successful Reflection Interview or a 4-H Record Completion Evaluation will receive:
    • $25 active member scholarship for the 2020-2021 4-H year to use towards county, state or national 4-H experiences (virtual or in-person)
    • A virtual certificate
    • Recognition on the web page and individual post on Division of Extension social media


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