4-H Afterschool at CFC


4-H Afterschool aims to provide a safe and secure place for youth to share fellowship, recreation, service and learning. This means that youth in 4-H Afterschool’s program will participate in hands-on learning experiences that help them develop life skills and foster caring relationships with adults and peers while having fun in a safe, welcoming environment. Homework help, daily reading and physical activity are regular parts of the routine after school.

Register now for summer at https://forms.gle/6KQuK5Sp3Pf5ETXy5

2020 4-H Afterschool Summer Calendar Flyer


4-H Afterschool Staff:

Jacob Halper, Bianca Chesang, Brooke Putz, Brooke Allemann, Sidney Franz, Erika Meyer, Reece Lisowski

Annie Lisowski, 4-H Youth Development Educator; annie.lisowski@wisc.edu

4-H Afterschool Email: cfc4hafterschool@gmail.com


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