4-H Scholarships

4-H Active Member Scholarships

4-H members who are active members on the 4-H county level are eligible to receive one (1) Active Member 4-H Program Scholarship per 4-H club year. Active members are defined as those who attend at least half of their 4-H club meetings and complete a 4-H Record. A program scholarship is to help defray some costs of a  4-H program or activity in which active Buffalo County 4-H members instruct or participate. 4-H Scholarship awards are based on previous year participation.

Program Scholarships will be awarded in two ways. For programs that are conducted by the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association, members can indicate the use of their program scholarship at time of registration and deduct the scholarship amount from the amount owed. For programs that are conducted by the State or another organization, members must be reimbursed after participating in the event by submitting proof of attendance. 

Recipients are encouraged to help in 4-H publicity of the event attended (i.e. submit photos of participation or anecdotes about experience). 

4-H Record Active Member Scholarship Request Form

4-H Scholarship Requests for Financial Assistance

These scholarships are available for Buffalo County 4-H members to financial barriers to participation in local programs. The amount for scholarships is limited and varies by program, but the Buffalo County 4-H Leaders Association does it best to fund as many families as possible. These scholarships requests will not be applied to 4-H travel experiences as there is a separate process for those requests.

Buffalo County 4-H Scholarship Request Form

Scholarships for Graduating 4-H Members

  1. Eligible youth are 12th grade high school graduating seniors who are members of Buffalo County 4-H at time of application.
  2. There are three types of 4-H Scholarships available in Buffalo County. Each type of scholarship could be awarded at both a $500 award and a $250 award. Those scholarships are:
    1. Youth Leadership (1-$500 and 1-$250) – A scholarship that recognizes 4-H members who have contributed to youth development through leadership defined by the competencies of planning, promoting, teaching, mentoring, advocating and advising others.
    2. 4-H Project Work (1-$500 and 1-$250) – A scholarship that recognizes 4-H members who demonstrate mastery in at least one 4-H project and share their skills and knowledge in a way that builds capacity for self and others.
    3. Serving-Learning (1-$500 and 1-$250) – A scholarship that recognizes 4-H members whose generosity has deeply impacted themselves and others in the community.
  3. The required submission materials for each application include:
    1. 1000 – 1500 word essay on the essay topic listed below
    2. Cover letter and resume according to current Buffalo County 4-H guidelines. An adult recommendation is not required.
  4. 4-H Scholarship Essay topics:
    1. Youth LeadershipWhat is your leadership philosophy and how did your 4-H experiences shape your understanding of what it means to lead your peers or work in partnership with adults?
    2. 4-H Project WorkWhat is your most significant 4-H project story to date? Write about one 4-H project experience and how you have grown as a result. Tell how you have influenced others through that one 4-H project.
    3. Serving-LearningHow is service-learning different from community service? Write about a service-learning experience you contributed to and how it impacted you and others in the community.
  5. Applicants must participate in an interview usually conducted the second Sunday in November.
  6. Scholarship materials are due November 1 annually. Documents may be emailed or sent by U.S. mail to the 4-H Youth Development Educator.
  7. Any applicant may apply for more than one scholarship during their graduating year. Each scholarship entry requires a separate 1000 word essay. Only one cover letter and resume needs to be submitted. Only one interview will take place. Graduating high school seniors are only eligible only receive one scholarship, no matter the number of essays submitted.
  8. Scholarship awards will be provided in cash at time of 4-H member’s student graduation award ceremonies. The dollar amount will be accompanied by a plaque. 

Statewide Scholarships

Statewide Scholarships – Wisconsin 4-H