Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Senior Spotlight

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is proud to announce our Senior Spotlight initiative. We are looking to recognize and highlight the incredible Wisconsin 4-H members who are aging out of the Wisconsin 4-H program. This is a great opportunity for our 4-H graduates to reflect on their 4-H experience and be recognized for all their hard work. 

Graduating 4-H members can participate in the Senior Spotlight by completing the form at: https://bit.ly/WI4HFndSeniorSpotlight

This form and info can also be found on our website at: https://bit.ly/4be1K0s

Submissions will be accepted May 1 – June 30, 2024. Anyone who participates could have their story featured on The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation’s Facebook and Instagram pages and our website. They will also be entered into a random drawing for a prize from the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. 

Please help share this great opportunity with your local programs and members! For any questions or comments, please reach out to Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Communications Assistant, Brianna Jones, at Brianna@Wis4HFoundation.org.